Welcome to Arogya World

Arogya World is a global health non-profit organization working to prevent NCDs, non-communicable diseases, through health education and lifestyle change. We engage with health leaders as well as individuals to help people around the world lead healthier lives. Our mission is reflected in our very name – Arogya in Sanskrit means to live a life without disease.

NCDs, which include diabetes, heart disease, cancer and chronic lung diseases, are among the biggest health and development challenges of the century. Today, two out of three deaths are due to NCDs and 80% of the deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

According to the WHO, eating a healthy diet, increasing physical activity and avoiding tobacco use can prevent:

  • 80% of premature heart disease
  • 80% of type 2 diabetes cases, and
  • 40% of cancers

Prevention is at the core of our work.

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Research Validates Effectiveness of Arogya’s Innovative mDiabetes Program

Mon 8, Aug 2016

Exciting Results of mDiabetes Adds to mHealth Evidence Base Arogya World’s mDiabetes has shown exciting results: 40 percent more people improved their health behaviors as a result of receiving texts about diabetes prevention. The study was published this week in the Journal of Medical and Internet Research. mDiabetes sent twice-weekly text messages to a million people in India… Read More

Why Should Women Care About Chronic Disease?

Thu 12, May 2016

By Nalini Saligram and Heather White Co-Chairs of the Taskforce on Women & NCDs The thousands of women who gather in Copenhagen next week for the Women Deliver Conference will surely leave the meeting feeling positive and inspired after sharing stories of amazing women and accomplishments. As women, we can all be proud of the… Read More

If you celebrate women, support global health

Tue 8, Mar 2016

By Nalini Saligram, Founder and CEO of Arogya World Today is International Women’s Day—it’s also Arogya World’s 6th birthday. I started this small but mighty nonprofit organization to figure out how to do real-world science while making a true public health impact, to prevent non-communicable diseases (NCDs)—such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and chronic lung… Read More