Arogya City

Arogya World Steps Up – Making Bangalore India’s first Arogya City

As all in the Arogya community know, we are deeply committed to the doorstep health model, making NCD prevention accessible throughout India. Our work takes prevention and healthy living to school children in schools, working people in companies, people deep in their communities through cell phones, and urban women through social media. We now have expanded our scope of work and are taking on a whole city. We are working to make Bengaluru India’s first Arogya City – or Healthy City – committed to reducing the NCD burden and improving mental health. We encourage the use of technology to improve health in a city known for its leadership in tech.
A few hallmarks of how a nonprofit with less than 20 people tackles this huge task – we do this in true Arogya fashion, by working with other like-minded people and organizations. Rotary 3190 and BPAC joined Arogya World as equal partners for the Arogya City project. 
Mr. K Jairaj, ex-IAS, well-known in Bengaluru, agreed early this year to lead our Advisory Committee. Our approach is to reach multiple sectors of society – government, corporates, civil society, academia, and start-ups – and get the organizations to make pledges to improve the health of Bangaloreans in measurable ways. By making the Pledges public, and giving them 2 years’ time, we believe we would spur our Pledgemakers to make bold commitments and meet them. In our initiative, the Pledgemakers are our real heroes and we are drawing the city’s attention to that.
Our promise is to help at least 500,000 people get tools and become empowered to improve their health. We are working towards
  • 20 Pledges this year
  • Screening 200,000 people for hypertension and diabetes through 500 health camps in Bengaluru (Rotary)
  • Helping 10,000 senior citizens above 70 years to improve their physical activity and reduce falls (Seniorji)
  • Screening 25,000 for heart disease (AI Highway)
  • Educating 50,000 people on diabetes prevention through text messages (Arogya World)
The Arogya team working on this includes Meeta Walavalkar, Dr. Smriti Pahwa, Archana Raaj, Kriti Pradhan, and Dr. Nalini Saligram.
We at Arogya World are excited to see this concept come to life. Our summit is on Nov 28 at St John’s Auditorium in Bengaluru. It is by invitation only so do write to us at to participate as a Pledgemaker to attend it or support us in other ways.
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