Arogya Covid Solidarity Fund

As you know, India experienced a deadly second surge of Covid-19 in 2021 which spread throughout the country.

Arogya World established a US-based “Arogya Covid Solidarity Fund” to provide immediate relief and long-term recovery to people suffering from Covid in India.

We were the first to support Mission ICU and establish 10 ICU beds in a Tier II city (Tumkur) near Bangalore. We also provided mental health support to communities, through Sangath’s Listening Circles. We curated and distributed digital health info kits including a “Diabetes and COVID” fact sheet and messages on tackling Vaccine Hesitancy.

We thank former MasterChef Contestants (from Season 10), a group called Masterbuds, who came together under the leadership of Chef Subha Ramiah and offered 2 amazing cooking demos and a series of raffle prizes for home-cooked multicourse dinners. They raised a total of $20,000 for this cause.

We also thank the Dani sisters, two school girls in New Jersey who raised $1,700 and Chef Hemant Mathur, a Michelin Star Chef for reaching out to his community.

Please help us continue to serve those in need – donate or share within your networks. Every cent, Every dollar counts!

With your continued help, we can make a real difference, working with partners on the ground to reach deep into and help communities in India.  Thank you for your generosity.

Donate. Educate. Save Lives

Prevention is at the core of all our work.

Arogya World’s mission is to create a disease-free world. Your support has become even more critical during COVID-19 times as people with underlying NCDs are at risk for more negative outcomes from COVID.

100 percent of all donations directly fund our programs.

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Other Ways To Give

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We are so grateful to our donors for their generous support in helping Arogya World achieve its mission.