MyThali, a new nutritional icon for India, has the potential to help India resolve the dual burden of malnutrition – both obesity (a leading factor in chronic disease) and under-nutrition. Using India’s National Institute of Nutrition’s guidelines as the base, we’ve developed pictorial representations of what someone should eat and in roughly what quantities. This first-of-its-kind program, applicable in different geographic regions of India, can change the way Indians think about food and can help people make healthier food choices.

We developed MyThali first and foremost for urban, mostly sedentary Indian women. We want to empower them to steer their families toward healthy and energetic living.

MyThali pictorial representation of the main meal and a guideline of how a day’s plan should be for an adult woman are depicted below:

mythali artwork side 1


mythali artwork side 2_2

How should you balance your calorie intake? Think of this formula:

Breakfast calories + mid morning snack calories = Lunch calories = Evening snack calories + Dinner calories

You don’t necessarily have to eat LESS, you just have to eat RIGHT. Remember:

  • Everything you eat and drink matters.
  • Eat the right amount of calories for you based on your age, sex, and physical activity level.
  • Eat a variety of foods to ensure a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Choose brown rice or millets over white rice and whole wheat flour over maida (refined flour).
  • Use salt sparingly; use only 1 teaspoon of salt across all food in a day.
  • Limit consumption of pastries, sweets, chocolates, cakes, ice cream, and fried foods.
  • Use edible oils, butter, and animal foods in minimal quantities.
  • Consume less coffee, cola, and other beverages.

How can your day be productive if your meals are not healthy? See below for examples of how to plan your meals. Click on the breakfast or lunch options for specific examples of healthy meals. More meal plans will be added soon.