Additional Offerings

  1. myArogya

    In collaboration with GOQii, we are offering our myArogya mobile app, designed to help working Indians prevent chronic disease, to employees in Healthy Workplaces.

  2. Lifestyle Coach-led Sessions

    In 2017, our trainer underwent training at Emory University on the CDC-program for lifestyle coach led 16-week diabetes prevention.  We are now offering lifestyle coach training to our Healthy Workplaces. This program is being implemented in collaboration with Aadit Life.

  3. Tobacco-free Worksites

    Our Healthy Workplaces can opt in for this accreditation program where we walk them through a checklist of steps they must take to be declared a Tobacco-free Worksite, and monitor that process actively.  We work off the materials provided by American Cancer Society and their previous Global Smoke-free Worksite Challenge.

  4. myThali

    We will also be promoting myThali in Healthy Workplaces throughout India.