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MyThali addresses the most common challenge to healthy eating: people are confused about what to eat and in what quantities. It teaches people about the importance of Poshan (good nutrition) and Portion.    

Inspired by the US MyPlate approach, we translated India’s National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) guidelines into easy-to-follow picture of an Indian Lunch Meal.











Pilot studies on Rural and Urban MyThali with M. S. University of Baroda, Gujarat

Urban MyThali Study (Jan – Dec 2023)

Objectives are:

  1. To assess the food consumption pattern of urban Indian women aged 18-45 years.
  2. To assess physical activity levels of urban Indian women aged 18-45 years.
  3. To measure the impact of the MyThali program on change in eating behaviours of Urban Indian women through Social Media outreach.
  4. To test the effectiveness of social media as a BCC platform.

Note: This is an Experimental / Control group pre-post study.

  • 200 urban women from Baroda city (18-45 years) who use Instagram regularly are enrolled into the experimental group. They will be asked to follow Mythali
  • The control group includes 200 women who do not use Instagram.
  • During the intervention period of 3 months, the EG women are asked to follow the MyThali page on instagram. They are encouraged and motivated to participate in all our campaigns that run during this period to gain more information on Healthy and Balanced eating. The subjects are followed on Instagram and content posted by them is being tracked. To gauge their understanding on the content and also on the look and feel of the posts / reels continuous feedback is taken from them.
  • The CG is not receiving the MyThali intervention.
  • Pre and post data will be collected using a pretested questionnaire.

Rural MyThali Pilot Study

with MS University (Baroda, Gujarat) funded by Together Women Rise 

Video about Rural MyThali Study