Who We Are

Arogya World’s work centers on advocacy and education. Here, Nalini Saligram speaks at the Women and NCDs Taskforce.

Arogya World is a global health non-profit organization working to prevent non-communicable diseases (NCDs)—diabetes, heart disease, cancer and chronic lung diseases—through health education and lifestyle change.  Through our programs and advocacy efforts, we help people around the world lead healthier lives. Our mission is reflected in our name: “Arogya” in Sanskrit means to live a life without disease.
Prevention is at the core of our work. India is a major area of focus for us. Download this overview to learn more about us.

NCDs are among the biggest health and development challenges of the century. Today, two out of three deaths are due to NCDs and 80% of the deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. According to the World Economic Forum, the cumulative economic burden of NCDs (including mental health) will be a staggering $47 trillion globally by 2030.

Read about us in the Clinton Global Initiative’s brochure or our presentation, Changing the Course of Chronic Disease.

Leveraging Global Platforms

We leverage strong science, medical and non-medical expertise, public-private partnerships and modern technology to make a measurable impact on public health. Arogya World is becoming known in the global health community for championing NCD prevention, for bold goals and a results-driven approach, for using mobile technology to improve health outcomes, and for engaging with leaders and individuals alike in the fight against NCDs.

Arogya World has made and fulfilled multiple Clinton Global Initiative Commitments. We have also made a commitment to the United Nations’ Every Woman Every Child initiative. We are a member of the NCD Community and participate actively in the Taskforce on Women & NCDs. We are pleased to be able to leverage these global platforms to make a genuine difference on the ground, improving the health and lives of people in India and beyond. We have received recognition of some of these efforts, including being named a finalist for the 2014 Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation.

Our Work in India

Arogya World is a U.S.-based 501(c)3 organization committed to changing the course of chronic disease, one community at a time. To further advance this work, Arogya World India Trust was established as a separate legal entity in Bangalore, India in 2012. Since then, we have collaborated very closely with Arogya World India Trust and worked together to make tremendous strides in NCD prevention.

Our India-based programs are building a chronic disease prevention model for the developing world. Through programs such as mDiabetes, Healthy Schools and Healthy Workplaces, we are educating and empowering people to take definitive steps towards leading healthier lives.

To learn more, visit india.arogyaworld.org.