2012 Donors

We are thankful and deeply grateful to our donors for their support in our ongoing work to ease the worldwide burden of NCDs.


Those who have donated $1,000 or more.


Those who have donated more than $365 (a dollar a day).

Ujjala Foundation

William Shu and Ingrid Lai, in loving memory of Frank and Pauline Lai

Fred and Barbara Sutherland

Girish and Prameela Saligram

Jyoti and Niranjan Rao

Anu and Arjun Aggarwal

Arun and Shashi Ohri

David and Lisa UPrichard

Sangeeta and Dharmaraj Patil

Satish Anand and Veena Kalale
David Holladay

Bhaskar and Jayanthi Srinivasiah

Harit and Reena Talwar


Jim Weygandt

Ram and Shashi Madabushi

Parminder and Mohan Sawhney

Neelum Aggarwal

Randy and Heather Nornes

Tony and Linda Conti

Siddharth and Swati Mehta

Rev Betty Castellini

Naina Saligram

Harish and Seetha Aiyar

Sunita Saligram

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