The MyThali Way

Posted on: January 24th, 2021 by Arogya World

The MyThali Way

MyThali addresses the most common challenge to healthy eating: people are confused about what to eat and in what quantities.

It teaches you about the importance of Poshan (good nutrition) and Portion, by bringing the NIN guidelines to life – making them clear, direct, and actionable. And shows a picture of real food in small containers or katoris arranged in a thali or traditional Indian plate.

MyThali was developed first for urban women, being the key figure in making decisions about the food the family consumes and can access most foods readily. Its meal plans are adjusted to suit the whole family, for different geographic regions and lifestyles (sedentary versus active). MyThali promotes home cooking, balanced meals, and portion control.

Here’s is an example of MyThali’s iconic lunch thali! Swipe through these slides to understand the importance of each food group and why it is essential to include all of them in the right portions to get your daily nutrition.

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