Arogya Covid Solidarity Fund

As you know, India experienced a deadly second surge of Covid-19 in 2021 which spread throughout the country.

Arogya World established a US-based “Arogya Covid Solidarity Fund” to provide immediate relief and long-term recovery to people suffering from Covid in India.

We were the first to support Mission ICU and establish 10 ICU beds in a Tier II city (Tumkur) near Bangalore. We also provided mental health support to communities, through Sangath’s Listening Circles. We curated and distributed digital health info kits including a “Diabetes and COVID” fact sheet and messages on tackling Vaccine Hesitancy.

We thank former MasterChef Contestants (from Season 10), a group called Masterbuds, who came together under the leadership of Chef Subha Ramiah and offered 2 amazing cooking demos and a series of raffle prizes for home-cooked multicourse dinners. They raised a total of $20,000 for this cause.

We also thank the Dani sisters, two school girls in New Jersey who raised $1,700 and Chef Hemant Mathur, a Michelin Star Chef for reaching out to his community.