Accomplishments (2009)

Even before Arogya World was officially born, a group informally known as the Indo-U.S. Diabetes Coalition had begun work on diabetes prevention in India.

November 14, 2009

World Diabetes Day, Delhi

In 2009, 4,000 school children walked in 40 school-based community walks in Delhi, from November 9th through 13th, and distributed 10,000 educational flyers in Hindi to the community. These walks were conducted in partnership with HRIDAY.

Children Ask Prime Minister’s Wife for Help

6,000 children, parents and teachers asked Mrs. Gursharan Kaur, wife of Prime Minister of India, for her help in making policy changes that aid diabetes prevention. We, in partnership with HRIDAY and CCDC, submitted a Memorandum of Request accompanied by more than 6,000 signatures asking for her support.

On November 13, 2009, we held a press event with an audience reach of 25 million, including coverage in CNN-IBN, The Hindu and The Times of India.

For more information see our press releases.

Indo-US Diabetes Coalition Joins Hands with HRIDAY .

Indo-US Diabetes Coalitions Calls for India’s Urgent Attention to Diabetes Prevention.

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