Welcome to Arogya World: Changing the course of chronic disease

Posted on: October 14th, 2010 by Nalini

Welcome to Arogya World and our new website! Arogya is a Sanskrit word that means “to live a life without disease,” and Arogya World’s vision is of a world in which people live longer, better lives free of the non-communicable diseases (such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease) that are the cause of millions of deaths each year.

It is time to rewrite the story of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and we refuse to sit on the sidelines. Arogya World is committed to changing the course of chronic disease, and we invite you to join our movement to create lasting change.

We simply cannot afford to ignore NCDs

NCDs are not simply diseases of the rich and the West. In fact, nearly two out of every three deaths in the world are due to NCDs. And 80% of these deaths are in low-and middle-income countries.

We urge governments and policy makers to make preventing chronic disease their highest priority. They must acknowledge the huge impact these diseases have on their citizens, and strengthen national plans to tackle them.

We encourage donors and philanthropists to take note. According to the WHO, NCDs cause more than twice the number of deaths globally than are caused by all infectious diseases (including HIV / AIDS, TB and malaria), all maternal and childhood conditions, and nutritional deficiencies, combined. Your investments in this disease area will have an enormous impact.

We invite all concerned citizens of the world to join us. Share your strength and your voice to advocate vigorously in the fight against chronic diseases.

We challenge civil society organizations and NGOs to get bolder and make clear and intense demands. Indeed, the time for politeness is over.

We call on members of the media to write thoughtful stories about NCDs – the prolonged debilitation and needless human suffering, the sheer numbers of people affected, and dying, the staggering healthcare costs, as well as the compelling proof that these diseases are largely preventable. Media are valued partners in our quest to make the world take notice and act against NCDs.

And we ask individuals, especially young people everywhere, to take responsibility for their own health. The future of the world is in your hands! Armed with the knowledge that many of these NCDs are preventable, you must make educated choices, and make increased physical activity and healthy eating an integral part of your lives. We want to ensure that you live happy, productive lives with “arogya”, healthy lives without disease. In India we are working to reach young people in schools and workplaces with compelling messages about healthy living. We invite you to read more about Our Work in India.

We Will Never Be Successful Alone

The road ahead is long and there is much work to do. Arogya World pledges to use our energy and strength and that of other concerned citizens to form partnerships with public health advocates, non-profit organizations, charities, and academic centers who are already focusing on key aspects of chronic disease. Together, our efforts will work to slow the proliferation of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases through a greater awareness of healthy eating, exercise, and improved lifestyle choices.

This is our life’s work – our way of making a meaningful contribution to global health. Our logo is a constant reminder that we must Turn to Action. Turn to Change. We believe that with like-minded concerned citizens, forward-looking partners and science on our side, more of us can look forward to a future where managing chronic diseases doesn’t control our lives.

Dr. Nalini Saligram is the founder & CEO of Arogya World. She has held leadership positions in both pharma and non-profit organizations, and has expertise in global advocacy planning and coalition building.