#RedSareeChallenge brings focus on women’s heart health!

Posted on: March 30th, 2022 by Arogya World

To celebrate International Women’s Day and raise awareness about women’s heart health, Arogya World launched the #RedSareeChallenge in India on 8th March. The purpose of the campaign is to create awareness about heart disease among women and encourage them to take preventive care by exercising and eating right. Some educational materials used in this campaign came to us from American Heart Association – we appreciate their camaraderie and support.

Not many are aware that a woman’s lifetime risk of dying from heart disease is eight times greater than that of breast cancer. And that heart disease affects both men and women, and that it is indeed the #1 killer of women. India accounts for a staggering one-fifth of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) worldwide (WHO – World Health Organisation).

We believe that there is an urgent need to be aware of the risk factors, and immediately incorporate a healthy lifestyle to improve heart health.  We know from WHO that 80% of heart disease can be prevented with 3 lifestyle changes – we must eat right, exercise and avoid tobacco, The Red Saree Challenge is an initiative run by Arogya World’s MyThali team. MyThali is Arogya World’s nutrition education tool that teaches consumers what to eat and in what quantities at each meal. We have run many nationwide campaigns including #HealthyWaliDiwali in 2021, to educate urban Indian women to improve both Poshan (nutrition) and manage Portion size.
Let’s celebrate our mothers, sisters, friends, and more by wearing #RedForHeartHealth this month. Participate in the #RedSareeChallenge. Wear red, do any physical activity, yoga, running, jogging, zumba, tennis, cricket, skipping… anything, take a picture or a video and post it on social media. Use the hashtag #IWearRedForHer #RedSareeChallenge.