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people have been educated by MyThali to have balanced meals.

What is a balanced meal?

A balanced meal comprises of the foods in the recommended poshan and portion

Cereals & Grains

Fruits & Vegetables

Nuts & Seeds



Fats & Oils

How to celebrate a #HealthyWaliDiwali

Step 1: Take the Challenge

Challenge yourself to eat 1 balanced meal a day and get a certificate from MyThali

Step 2: Get a Customised Meal Plan

Get a customised meal plan by answering three simple questions. Download the cookbook and other freebies!

Step 3: Share and follow!

Share the challenge with your friends and follow MyThali on social media for helpful tips and tricks!

Step 1:

Take the MyThali 30 Day Challenge

I challenge myself to eat 1 balanced meal a day till Diwali and pack my plate with vibrant greens, powerful proteins, wholesome grains and rich fibres!

Step 2:

Get a Customised Meal Plan

The idea of a balanced meal can differ for each individual and we aim to provide you the best. Take this Assessment so we can offer you a meal plan that fits well with your lifestyle and always keeps you healthy!

What is your biological gender?



Step 3:

Challenge your friends & family to be a pataka too. Copy this link to share the challenge!

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Our goal is to change the way India eats

MyThali addresses the most common challenge to healthy eating: people are confused about what to eat and in what quantities. It teaches people about the importance of Poshan (good nutrition) and Portion.

Inspired by the US MyPlate approach, we translated India’s National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) guidelines into an easy-to-follow picture. India’s diversity in food preferences – between North (roti-based) and South India (rice-based), vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and vast rural and urban differences – made it really challenging to develop a picture of a universal MyThali. But we prevailed.