Fun Indian Cooking Classes Raise Diabetes Awareness

Posted on: May 2nd, 2013 by Kelli

Pramela Bhat, enthusiastic Arogya World supporter, recently hosted Indian cooking classes in Florence, Italy. In addition to preparing healthy and delicious Indian dishes such as egg curry and spicy cauliflower, attendees learned about diabetes and its prevention. Proceeds from the event were donated to Arogya World.

One attendee at the event shared with us the following message:

“As a woman whose family has been impacted by non-communicable diseases, I thank your organization for actively fighting against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers and chronic lung disease. My friends and I were happy to donate to your cause through an Indian cooking class taught by my dear friend Prameela. I have the power to effect change in my family’s health one meal at a time!”

The attendees, who are all new to Indian cooking, also received a bag of Indian spices at the cooking class. This made it easier for them to cook an Indian meal for their families. Which they did! Many of them went home and cooked the items for their families.

We thank Prameela for her hospitality and generosity, as well as for her commitment to educating people about healthy eating and cooking practices.

If you would like to view some of Prameela’s recipes, please click here.