Other COVID-Related Work

New Coalition:

Arogya World joined the new JDRF-Beyond Type 1 Alliance partnership, www.coronavirusdiabetes.org, to help support the most vulnerable among us, including those with diabetes. COVID-19 and similar viral illnesses pose a serious risk for those with diabetes, from adding new challenges to the uncertainty a new virus brings. The new website, www.coronavirusdiabetes.org, is full of resources.

Healthy Recipes:

Renu Advani of Chicago was inspired by Arogya’s mission and wanted to contribute in her own unique way. She is collecting healthy recipes from leading Indian restaurant chefs to put into a special recipe box that we would then distribute in the community. Promoting healthy cooking is part of Arogya’s work. Please reach us at info@arogyaworld.org with ideas of chefs in your town that Renu and her team of volunteers can reach.

How Living in COVID Times Has Affected You:

Inspired by this piece in the New York Times, we’d like to hear your stories! Please share with us your story about how your life is currently, or will be altered by COVID, by emailing Lauren@ArogyaWorld.org.

  • “Our wedding was scheduled for June 27, 2020 in another state. We’ve excitedly planned it for a year. Once shelter-in-place orders started, we began to get nervous, but thought we’d wait to see how things played out. As time went on, it became clear we’d have to postpone. Making the final call wasn’t easy, and triggered many feelings. But, we want everyone to stay safe and healthy. We really feel for everyone who has had to mourn life’s missed moments during this time: graduations, birthdays, baby showers, final high school or college sports matches, etc. And, of course, weddings.” -Lauren Phillips, Arogya World Consultant