Arogya’s long standing Partner – SHARP

Posted on: November 8th, 2021 by Arogya World

Arogya World and SHARP, have been working tirelessly since 2018 to roll out our two-year school-based adolescent health program amongst 11-14-year-olds (6-8 grades). We have collaborated to establish lifelong respect for exercise and healthy eating by stimulating age-appropriate games and activities. We have great respect for their superior program implementation performance and their passion and support for all aspects of our program including digital.
Nandini Ganesh, Arogya’s lead schools program trainer and partner liaison states, “I have been working with our valued partner SHARP for more than three years now. With Menaka Sharma’s strategic guidance and Juhi Arora’s excellent program management skills, SHARP has helped us teach large numbers of children the importance of diabetes prevention and healthy living.”
SHARP (School Health Annual Report Programme – is a non-government organization that runs scientifically-planned health programs for school children professionally managed under the guidance of eminent medical experts, sociologists, educationists, psychologists, nutritional specialists, etc who have the vision of promoting the healthcare of children throughout the third world countries.
We are proud to share that our partnership with SHARP, supported by RIST, has borne positive results:
  • We have been rolling out our program in more than 150,000 children across seven states, including large states like Maharashtra and UP
  • Apart from the school children, we have trained parents & school teachers also. 
  • The program has been running successfully and has achieved a 15% impact (15% improvement in awareness and health behaviors).
We leaned on SHARP again when we got an opportunity to work with the Goa government. SHARP very graciously agreed to second someone to Arogya in a new and creative way of working together. We welcome Vikrant, who is now embedded with the Arogya team and is helping us deploy our digital school’s program to all middle school children in Goa. Juhi, Program Manager (SHARP), shares, “Real and long-lasting change can only be ushered in when all of us come together to make it possible. Inclination towards social responsibility and contribution to sustainable development is fast becoming the mark of distinction hence it should be our responsibility individually to stand up for it & do our bit as every small step can make a huge difference.”