Arogya World Makes a Pledge to Mark World Mental Health Day

Posted on: October 2nd, 2020 by Arogya World

On World Mental Health Day 2020 (Oct 10), Arogya World commits to advancing mental health in our Healthy Workplaces in India.  Specifically, by 2022 when India will be 75 years old, we commit to:
  • Getting at least 22 companies to adhere to our new Mental Health @ Work Criteria, mobilzing HR leaders and CEOs to commit to tackling mental health for their employees
  • Conducting 10 or more sessions/webinars/conferences/roundtables highlighting mental health in the workplace
  • Publishing 4 thought leadership articles or surveys or reports on workplace mental health
  • Releasing 4 more case studies on best practices in mental health in India’s companies
  • Providing training to corporates on how to deploy a successful mental health program in the workplace
  • Finding ways to send our text messages on stress reduction to benefit working Indians
  • Joining forces with like minded organizations to build a movement around mental health in the workplaces