Arogya World Joins UN’s “Every Woman, Every Child”

Posted on: April 15th, 2014 by Arogya World

ewecArogya World is pleased to be part of the Every Woman Every Child community, and commits to educating 10,000 middle school children (6-8 grades; 11-13 years old), over the next five years, in India, on diabetes (type 2) and it’s prevention with lifestyle changes.

We will use our proven two-year Diabetes Awareness and Prevention program, with 10 age-appropriate compelling educational activities, and implement them with trained student leaders and teachers, in the school setting. Proof of concept has been previously established in a 2000 children pilot in urban India (Delhi) with partner Hriday, with demonstrable effectiveness in bringing about increased awareness and behavior change.  The program and materials have previously been adapted for rural South India with partner Agastya International Foundation.  Questionnaires, the implementation model, training materials, and student and teacher activity guides are all available and will be leveraged by Arogya World for this new Every Woman Every Child Commitment.

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