Arogya World and IPA – It’s All About Collective Impact

Posted on: October 2nd, 2019 by Arogya World

Arogya World’s Healthy Schools program helps hundreds of thousands of students learn about healthy living.

Today, Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birthday, is the debut of an incredible new coalition called India Philanthropy Alliance (IPA), 11 professionally run US-based nonprofits working to increase giving among Indian Americans and, over time, increase the scale and impact of philanthropy benefiting India. Arogya World is a proud founding member. You can read further details in the press release, and also in an article by the prestigious Stanford Social Innovation Review. 

It is also the first day of ChaloGive – a new Week of Giving, October 2-8. Donate to Arogya World at this link this week and your money will be matched dollar for dollar!

We are both board members of Arogya World, a 501 (c) 3 public charity whose mission is to “change the course of chronic disease” by promoting prevention through healthy living. We work mostly in India with thoughtfully designed, science-based prevention programs, taking prevention to people where they live, learn and work.  Our work touches people in every life stage and economic group – from remote areas to schools to leading corporations.  We are also committed to measuring impact. We like to see how many people’s lives we’ve touched, and how their health was improved.

However, our ability to continue to make an impact depends on your support.

Your contribution can help us make a real-world impact: 

  • $500 will help us empower 1,000 women and girls in India to eat right with MyThali.
  • $200 will help us educate 200 children (age 11-14) on healthy living with compelling age-appropriate programs before their lifestyle habits are set.
  • $100 will help us send educational text or voice messages on diabetes prevention to 500 people.

Remember, all gifts to Arogya World at ChaloGive this week (Oct 2-Oct 8) will be matched dollar for dollar.

Visit Chalogive to give now!

Partnerships Like IPA Fuel Success

A student recitation during one of Arogya World’s Healthy Schools programs.

We believe very much in the power of partnerships to solve big societal problems.   Our partners include RIST, Cigna, Agastya, Ashoka, SHARP, Aravind Eye Hospitals, Nokia, Emory, Merck, Novartis, employers like Infosys, Reliance, Wipro, Indian Railways and many others. We have been invited by development organizations and tech giants alike to share our approach. So when Indiaspora’s MR and Alex Counts invited us to join a working group to explore how the same principles could work in philanthropy, we jumped right in.

We joined IPA to learn from the some of the best minds and leaders in social good, to explore on-the-ground partnerships with India-focused nonprofits at the programmatic level in India, to engage in exciting public policy debate, and to see what we could all do together, really, to make more collective impact and help India meet its Sustainable Development Goals.

Arogya World’s 10th Year: Scaling Up the Fight Against NCDs

Many of us have achieved professional success, yet are all too familiar with the devastation of non-communicable disease – in our community, in our families, perhaps in our own lives. Arogya World’s NCD prevention approaches in India are showing traction and we are ready to scale up. Next year Arogya World will be 10 years old and we want to educate 10 million people by end 2020 on diabetes prevention.  With your support we can get there.  We have already educated millions in India and helped >400,000 people improve their health.

If you are in San Diego on Oct 4, you can attend a party to celebrate Arogya World and learn more about the work we do.  Reach for details.  Donors in India can make gifts to us by reaching us at

With your help, we can reach our 10th anniversary goals and help many families lead healthier lives. Remember, all gifts to Arogya World at ChaloGive this week (Oct 2-Oct 8) will be matched dollar for dollar. Go to ChaloGive to give now, and join us in making more collective impact.

Nalini Saligram & Deepa Prahalad, Arogya World Board Members