Arogya City Bengaluru has won the Gold Award at the prestigious 2023 ET Kaleido Award

Posted on: April 30th, 2023 by Arogya World

Our initiative Arogya City Bengaluru has won the Gold Award at the prestigious 2023 ET Kaleido Award, which recognizes purposeful campaigns in India on the national stage. An innovative multi-sectoral collaboration to tackle NCDs, this effort was championed by Arogya World to make  Bengaluru India’s first ‘Arogya City’.
Arogya World brought together several stakeholders, including Rotary and BPAC, and eminent personalities such as Dr. Devi Shetty and Ashwini Nachappa, who served as Brand Ambassadors. The campaign consisted of several elements: robust media outreach, a creative art installation, the ‘Heart Of Junk’, hoardings at Bangalore airport, digital engagement, and more. Dr. Nalini Saligram, Founder & CEO of Arogya World, expressed her pride in winning the award, saying that it was the result of months of hard work, planning, designing, and executing the campaign.  Our partner was Bangalore’s PR firm, The PRactice, and the team led by Nandita Lakshmanan and Vandana Das deserved much of the credit for this award. The entire branding for the campaign was designed by Cracker & Rush and Ashutosh Wakankar and his team.
The Arogya City Summit on Nov 28, 2022, was attended by Karnataka’s  Health Minister, Dr. Sudhakar, Pledegmakers, corporates, NGOs, start-ups, educational institutions, and eminent citizens who collectively pledged to help over half a million Bengalureans improve their health. Dr. Smriti Pahwa, leading our Arogya City Technical Committee, received the award on behalf of Arogya World, acknowledging the entire team’s efforts in driving change and raising awareness about NCDs in India