Meaning “my Health” in Sanskrit, myArogya is the first-of-its kind chronic disease prevention mobile App designed to advance Indians on their personal health journeys and help them lead healthier lives. We are partnering with Goqii — flyer; get info from Meeta.

myArogya was initially developed with generous support from the Cigna Foundation, myArogya includes rich content on awareness and prevention of chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and other complications of diabetes. myArogya also has food and activity trackers to help people make healthy lifestyle choices. Other features including a smoking cessation mHealth program, healthy recipe videos, nutritional icons for India, and additional trackers are planned for later phases.

myArogya is available on Android and iOS phones.

Arogya World has assembled a number of collaborating partners for implementation of this project including: the Cigna Foundation, Click Medix, the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF), Quest Diagnostics, and Emory University.

Indian-based companies—many of which are Arogya World Healthy Workplaces—are participating in a clinical study to measure how the App measures both behavior change and physiological markers in a few thousand working professionals over the course of one year.

myArogya builds off of an earlier program, mDiabetes (mHealth1.0).